Standing up for Saskatchewan

Parks. Power. Highways. Health care. And so much more. In Saskatchewan, we couldn’t do without our public services.

But the Brad Wall government is nibbling away at those public services, privatizing them a bit here — cutting a bit there… where corporate profit becomes more important than affordable, available services for you and me… good jobs for Saskatchewan families suddenly disappear out of province… and we all start paying more and getting less.

OwnIt! — Saskatchewan belongs to everyone

Many in Saskatchewan don’t want to see privatization go any further. They’re saying YES to keeping and strengthening quality public services — so our kids can own, and benefit from, all we’ve built.

OwnIt! is a province-wide campaign aimed at making sure services are affordable, that they cover everyone in Saskatchewan, and that they are the best they can be. We invite you to find out more — and to sign our petition for public services — at

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